Lisa Woest Photography

Lisa Woest specialises in capturing high quality photographic images of weddings, newborns and food and beverages. Her passion and creative drive combine to produce exceptional quality.

Weddings, Newborns and Food

Because of her love for photography, she enjoys getting to know her clients personally and offering an engaging and professional service to ensure the best moments are captured at the highest of quality. This makes her especially perfect for weddings and newborn photo shoots, although her secret favourite is food and beverage photography.


Lisa Woest’s passion for photography has led her to take interest in many genres of the art.


Her keen eye for pristine design and precision-style technique make her naturally talented at capturing the sleek and angular designs found in architecture and interior.




She also has a love for capturing people’s stories, in their natural setting, through photography. This, combined with her confident and proactive attitude, make her an ideal photographer for documentary and reporter-based photography.

She is an exceptional artist of the highest caliber and would love to assist you in capturing the best quality photographs at a competitively affordable price.

For more information on the packages offered by Lisa Woest Photography, please contact Lisa here.